Welcome to 2021!

I suspect that most of us might say that you are welcome to 2020, but that’s not really the same thing.

Towards the end of 2020 there were some opportunities to make inroads into the work required to keep Camposol B looking nice and tidy for residents and visitors. As ever B Clean had to operate, not only within the official restrictions, but with a very small number of volunteers to carry out the actual work. 

One of our problem areas has been the lower B car park which has suffered from continual littering, fly tipping and a general lack of respect from various individuals. B Clean decided to grasp the nettle and do something about the whole site. In recent years some people have been trying to improve things, albeit on a piecemeal basis, which was well intentioned and did make a difference, but the car park needed something of a ‘blitz’ to really get it sorted. Our small but enthusiastic and hard-working party of volunteers started by planting some new trees along the boundary with the adjoining campo and this work also tidied up an area that was constantly being plagued by litter. The volunteers then turned their sights to the bottom boundary with the green skips. It does seem that all of the green skips on the urbanisation are constantly the target of thoughtless behaviour including illegal fly tipping. Setting out to tackle this problem in the car park was no mean feat, but the edge is now vastly improved with the surprising appearance of some conifers which had been lost in the undergrowth. The working group cannot be praised enough for bringing about this amazing change with so few volunteers available.

As Christmas has been and gone, hopefully this ‘present’ to the community will be appreciated and the area cared for in the future. The council appears to have decided to assist as well with more frequent emptying of the skips. It would also help if some folks could make a New Year’s resolution to empty out their plastic sacks of green waste and remove them from the site.

Another worthwhile resolution would be to join your local gardening group and do something positive for the community and environment we all share. We have a nice clean New Year ahead of us so let’s make the best of it and do something useful and be happy and healthy.

All best wishes for 2021!