It has been a while, due to shortage of volunteers and various health restrictions, but at long last, Camposol B Clean has a new project to improve our sector. Many people walk along the road from the Social Centre to the roundabout at the junction of Ciclamen, Lavanda and Tamariz and, at present, the only place to take a break is a bench about halfway along. At the time of writing (mid-January) we are in the process of preparing the area at the end of Tamariz as a rest stop where walkers can rest, relax and enjoy the scenery. The bins on the roundabout will be screened off and the untidy scrub area cleared. It will take a while to achieve, so keep up with progress by reading our Facebook posts and articles in the Costa Cálida Chronicle.

Despite not having new projects to undertake, last year was a busy one for our volunteers. The trees alongside the road from Covachos to the rambla bridge have been pruned and the oleanders all the way from the urbanisation entrance to the rambla have been trimmed. New ground by the motorway footbridge has been cleared ready for planting and gravel laid along the path to the bridge. This work was in addition to the usual weeding, spraying and strimming that is constantly required across the sector. Sadly, the volunteers have had to stop trying to keep the garden waste skips area in the lower B car park tidy. This was not an easy decision, but the area has become a general dumping site and our hard-working volunteers were never expected to be unpaid waste operators. Until somebody comes forward and reports the dumping of non-garden rubbish to the authorities, this will just get worse and spoil the look of the area in general and possibly affect property prices.

Our busy Treasurer, Colin Barton, reports that, like everybody else, we have been affected by rising prices. The cost of herbicide, an essential for weed control, has doubled to 245€ and the price of fuel for the motorised equipment has rocketed. Wear and tear takes its toll on equipment and we find increased costs for replacement tools etc.  Our financial situation has been helped massively by Colin Thackwell’s ‘cycling marathons’ which generated over 1000€.  We were also fortunate enough to have a donation of 1000€ following the closure of the Camposol Fiesta and this has been most welcome as it is that time of the year again when we do the council’s work for them by paying for the trimming of the 147 palm trees. Perhaps one day the council will acknowledge that this is their responsibility, but that is probably day dreaming!

Finally, a reminder to all members that subscriptions will need to be paid please and, as always, an appeal for more volunteers to help out. Camposol B Clean thanks all those who have supported the group through the last year and hopes for your continued support.