Camposol B’s folk look out 
At all the rubbish round about.
One cry on everybody’s lips
“Don’t dump your rubbish in our green skips.”

Furtive fly tippers in the dark
Need to use the ecoparque.
So be resposible and get a grip
And don’t use our home as one big tip!!

Despite the continuing mess at all of the green refuse sites, B Clean has made some progress with Camposol B. There has been a little more interest in volunteering, which has been very helpful and has allowed the annual hedge cutting to be completed. The roadside hedges from the lower car park right down to the rambla are now trimmed ready for the cooler weather. We were also represented by volunteers in October’s Race for Life on behalf of MABS.

Our AGM took place in early November and a number of new projects were considered. We will be moving forward with these in due course aided by a healthy bank balance provided by bucket donations to the group and, most significantly, cash generated by B Clean stalwart Colin Thackwell’s fundraising efforts. Since he started his ‘cycling marathon’ on our commercial centre, back in March 2021, he has raised 2795€!

However, even though the amount is most impressive, the group’s outgoings are equally large. Between now and the end of the year, nearly 1,900€ will be needed to pay for the palm tree pruning next year and renewing B Clean’s public liability insurance policy. Consequently, we need residents and visitors to Camposol B to please donate as much as they can so that we can pay for materials like weed killer and fuel for the power tools and allow future projects and maintenance work to proceed. 

Another way of helping financially is to join as a member. It costs just 5€ a month (preferably by bank transfer). 

Our work party will be taking a break soon, as the Christmas and New Year season is almost upon us. We will be writing to Santa asking that he sends some new members/volunteers and to keep the donations coming in. We are also suggesting a New Year’s Resolution for the people who make an appalling and unsightly mess around the green waste skips of the urbanisation.

It’s quite simple – DON’T DO IT!!

We have taken green waste to the ecoparque and from loading up in Camposol to emptying out, it takes less than 20 minutes, so not exactly difficult!

That’s it for 2022, other than to wish everybody a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2023!!