For the last few months there has been something of an ongoing theme, or rather themes, running through the B Clean articles. Regular readers will recall the constant pleas for more funding and more volunteers, but this time things are a bit different. The volunteer situation hasn’t really changed, but the cash situation has. Donations have risen significantly, plus, as many of you know, we have received the extra money from Colin Thackwell’s fund raising on his static bike, covering the equivalent of one marathon distance for each of his 80 years. He alone has raised a staggering 1,660€, although we sincerely hope that the council doesn’t see Colin’s extraordinary efforts and dedication as an excuse for getting out of their responsibility of trimming the palm trees (again!!). B Clean has funded this for too long, so we trust that the council will do the work thus leaving donors’ funding to be used for B Clean’s intended purposes.

At present the lack of volunteers to undertake basic maintenance and new projects means that the latter work has to wait. Fortunately, there may be an answer: B Clean was able to hold an AGM at long last when members were updated on various matters, details of which have been recorded in the official minutes. It was proposed that the healthy funding situation be used to ease the lack of people turning out as volunteer workers.

At the time of writing, our Treasurer, Colin Barton is endeavouring to make arrangements to employ professional gardening assistance to support the current small group of regular volunteers. This can be funded from our reserves and the addition of professional skill, equipment and expertise should be of great benefit to the group. At present, as indicated above, most of the work being carried out comes under the heading of ‘basic maintenance’ and, hopefully, residents and visitors to Camposol B will have noticed the improved state of the end section of Los Covachos between the bank and petrol station near the commercial centre. 

To meet print deadlines, our articles are written a few weeks before publication ie mid-November, when Christmas is still some way down the road, regardless of what the shops tell us. Consequently, B Clean is rather prematurely wishing all residents and visitors to the urbanisation a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.