During November I was looking online at some photographs that had been posted by people who had been to see the Christmas Lights in Regent St and Oxford St in Central London over the years. I haven’t seen those Christmas lights for a long time, but they did serve to remind me just how much the world has changed since last December. 

B Clean Gardening Group was still trying to keep on top of all the maintenance required in the area, but we had one of our regular social events to look forward to; our Christmas Lunch in Puerto de Mazarrón. These social outings are very important as the group’s volunteers often put their individual effort into different aspects of our work and don’t always get to see each other. There are, of course, our small but very dedicated and hard-working members who get together once a week as the group’s work party undertake tasks such as weed control and general tidying up. By necessity and as required by Spanish law, we also have committee members who deal with the various administrative matters and, not surprisingly with such a small group, many members wear more than one hat in the day-to-day running of B Clean. Last year was pretty much as it was the previous year and those before that, but now we also have to ensure that we are compliant with the frequently changing rules and regulations relating to the pandemic. This creates a back-log of work as well as minimising contact between us which is a great pity. 

Hopefully, by the time you are reading this edition of the Costa Cálida Chronicle, some of the fruits of our efforts will be becoming a little more apparent. During November, the group purchased twelve trees to help improve the appearance of the campo perimeter of the lower B car park. These were planted in the course of just one morning by the three volunteers available that day, creating a most impressive result. At least with such a small turn-out, social distancing was not exactly a major problem! As well as plants purchased with funds donated by the public, we are also given plants bought or grown by members and other residents and an earlier work project involved the planting of a dozen donated yucca plants. We are keeping our fingers firmly crossed that all of these new additions to Camposol B, greenery will grow and thrive for the benefit of our residents and visitors. 

Christmas is going to be a very different one from those we have been used to, but B Clean wishes all of you a very Happy Christmas however you are spending it. We can only hope that 2021 is a better year than this one and we can get back to enjoying the lovely area that we are fortunate to live in. 

Before I conclude, can somebody let Santa know that we would really, really like some more volunteers for next year please. We have all been very good (well mostly) and we aren’t expecting the volunteers in stockings as that would just be a bit weird! 

Best wishes everybody!!