Although we are well into Summer, the small group of B Clean volunteers has been continuing to clear the weeds that appeared after the rain earlier in the year.  The roadside gravel along the entrance road has been cleared and sprayed and likewise the oleanders along the side of the dual carriageway have had their weeds and long grass strimmed and sprayed. Work was carried out on the far end of C/Ciclamen, the section from the C/Albizia junction down to the roundabout near the bridge. The weeds were really bad and the job took 4 weeks, not helped by the dog walkers who have been treating the gravel paths as a huge dirt tray. The gravel is there because there is no pavement and is to try and avoid pedestrians having to walk in a road which serves as a link between Camposol C and D and the rest of the urbanisation, motorway etc. Dog walkers are requested to clear up after their pets. It isn’t exactly rocket science! At the time of writing, the roundabout near Consum was to be the next area to receive attention from the volunteers.

Some readers may be aware that B Clean was requested to remove some trees on the rambla side of C/ Sierra de Torrecilla. Apart from the simple fact that the B Clean working group doesn’t have the equipment or facilities to undertake this type of work, (that’s why we have to pay professional tree surgeons to deal with the palm trees which are, of course, the council’s responsibility), the group has no intention of damaging these trees. 

The volunteers certainly don’t need to have more work added to their already huge job list and this situation is being made far, far worse by the current epidemic of fly tipping. This has always been a problem and the volunteers clear what they can, but in recent weeks it seems to be getting totally out of control.  Amazingly, despite the huge amounts being dumped, witnesses are as rare as hen’s teeth, so it just goes on. Perhaps some people just don’t want to get involved, but when the rats start breeding in the rubbish and spreading into the local environment, they may feel that turning a blind eye wasn’t the best option after all.

By the time this article goes to press, the working party will be on its summer break due to the high temperatures which make outside working hazardous to health. During this ‘quiet time’ the administration of the group continues, so any offers of help for the next season will be very welcome. Our Treasurer would also welcome the membership fees of a number of members who have still not paid up for this year. Come on folks, without subs and donations the group can’t function, so please chip in by paying up and ideally helping out with the gardening work.