Summer is clearly here and it is nice to put the heavy rains and cloudy weather behind us. Camposol B Clean is hoping that all are still safe and sound and coping with whatever the ‘new normal’ has become.

Fortunately, B Clean volunteers returned to work after their enforced absence and doubled the working days to try and catch up with the never-ending invasion of weeds. Despite the lack of number of volunteers, Avenida de los Covachos has been weeded and generally spruced up and other tasks were put in hand, although the Summer heat shut-down came into force in early July for the well-being of those in the work party. For such a small group of dedicated people, it must be said that they have done a remarkable job.

Sadly, not only have the gardening group volunteers returned to our streets, but also the inconsiderate drivers who put everybody’s lives and property at risk.

The demolition of street furniture has become a frequent feature of Camposol life, but this idiotic behaviour brought danger to our volunteers whilst they were working on the dual carriageway in late June. The working parties around Camposol all make their presence clear to other road users and B Clean is no different. One can only guess at the reason one driver ploughed through the group’s working party sign recently. The car sped off without stopping, so the driver would have had no idea what damage or injury had been caused. ‘Irresponsible’ is hardly an adequate description for this type of anti-social and criminal behaviour.

Anti-social behaviour takes many forms and another which has been very apparent of late is the fly-tipping activity around B Sector and elsewhere on Camposol. We are trying to clear some of this and several sacks of dumped rubbish have been removed so far. It never ceases to amaze at how little interest some people show for their surroundings, although one suspects that they keep their own properties clean at the expense of everybody else. 

On a more positive, but rather sad note, B Clean was pleased to commemorate one of its stalwart members who passed away a while back. The Geoff Sharp Commemoration Seat was purchased and installed outside Consum in a position overlooking much of the urbanisation as a tribute to a loyal supporter. He will be fondly remembered by his friends in B Clean.

Request for more volunteers!

Volunteers needed to help out with the maintenance of B sector’s public areas! Please get in touch! We need your help!!

We also need water.

The water tanks positioned around Sector B were installed for the roadside plants etc. There are 4 – each a proper IBC water storage tank. In total, they hold 3500 litres of water and were filled by bowser from one of the garden centres. Unfortunately this facility is no longer available so we desperately need ideas and, ideally, assistance to put these back into use so that the floral displays can be maintained. Any thoughts or offers of assistance will be greatly welcomed and appreciated as will new members and volunteers (contact via our Facebook page please).

Enjoy the Summer and stay safe and sound everybody.

Geoff Dent