B Clean has had another month of living up to its name and doing quite a bit of cleaning up. The hedge trimming has been completed so all have been cut from the entrance to B sector right down to the rambla. As usual, this big job has been undertaken by the small band of volunteers who spend so much time trying to keep Camposol looking attractive. Some planting has taken place as a result of plant donations but we’ll not mention where at the moment as newly planted greenery seems to attract the attention of those who feel they have a right to plunder public areas.

Sadly, the volunteers’ efforts have been hampered as always by those who can’t be bothered to dispose of their rubbish correctly. Domestic waste bins filled up with cardboard boxes, carrier bags of recyclable containers dumped by the bins or in the wrong ones and builders’ waste fly tipped are just a few of the frequent problems. One wonders if it is ignorance or laziness that causes this type of anti-social behaviour, perhaps it’s a bit of both?

The green waste situation hasn’t been helped by the lengthy gaps between the emptying of the green skips. If these are full to overflowing, there is a very simple solution which seems to be unknown to many residents. The ecoparque is easy to use and just a few minutes down the motorway. For those who haven’t used this facility, here is a simple beginners’ guide. 

On arrival at the little kiosk, you wait to be directed in by a member of staff as they only let one car in at a time. The bin for garden waste is directly ahead once you are onsite, so you drive up to it and unload. The staff will usually assist you so the whole process takes just a few minutes at most. You then need to take your ID papers to the kiosk where details will be noted and your phone number recorded. Return to your car and that is it with the entire waste dumping taking about 10 minutes. 

Finally, as usual, please consider assisting our hard-working volunteers and, of course, please donate when you can as it’s the only money we get for projects and undertaking work that the council should be doing.