At long last, the restrictions are being relaxed and the garden groups can get back to work again. There have been plenty of times when it has seemed like we were getting nowhere fast and one of our members is taking this to a whole new level. Colin Thackwell has been a regular supporter of Camposol B Clean for many years and has clearly decided to make going nowhere fast profitable. 

Colin is currently trying to help out our funding by riding the equivalent of 80 marathon courses (over 40kms each one) on the approach to his 80th birthday. Not a misprint! Colin really is approaching his 8th decade and is still a keen cyclist. Colin set his static bike up on Camposol B’s Commercial Centre outside Consum for a period of 14 weeks from early March. He plans to be there each Tuesday morning complete with a Camposol B Clean collecting bucket which we are hoping will be brimming with donations to help us out. Some years back, Colin did a similar cycling challenge which raised 1,200€ so we are hoping that people will be generous again.

Tuesday mornings are also the B Clean Volunteers’ work sessions so please give them a wave and a smile and, of course, please donate any change you can.

Although the works schedule has been continually disrupted by the ever-changing rules, further planting has been carried out and we now have a nice line of yucca plants around lower B car park to complement the new trees that were planted a little while back.

Despite the chaotic times in which we live, some things never change. As ever, we are hoping to welcome new members and, ideally, some will be potential Volunteers for the work party which is still struggling to cope with numbers in single figures.

Something else that doesn’t change is the fly-tipping activity. If those people put the same amount of effort into improving and maintaining our environment as they do to ruining it, we would have a really brilliant place to live in. No doubt, saving money and time is at the root of this problem, but it does show a total lack of respect for the residents of Camposol who have to put up with this.

As the time passes and we move towards Summer, we can only hope that life will continue returning to some sort of normality and seeing our friends and relatives in safety. B Clean will continue to do its best to improve our environment so we can all be proud of our own little ‘Place in the Sun’. Why not help us to achieve that goal? Joining us would be a great start and assisting with the maintenance/planting work on Tuesday mornings would be so helpful. Your subscriptions and donations will enable us to fund not only day-to-day care of plants and green areas, but also enable new projects to be undertaken across the sector. All enquiries concerning membership, donations and volunteering should be made to our Treasurer, Colin Barton, via our B Clean Community Gardening Facebook page.  We look forward to hearing from you.