B Sector is the smallest of the four that comprise the Camposol urbanisation. However, despite its size, Camposol B is one of the busiest as many of the facilities are based there, plus the two main roads that link Camposol C and D to the motorway pass through it. This means that keeping Camposol B spick and span for residents and visitors alike is quite a task and involves considerable effort from our Garden Group Volunteers working under the name B Clean, a registered charity here in Spain.

Most of our visitors from the other three sectors and many from farther afield, head for the busy Commercial Centre which is regularly swept and litter picked by local volunteers, even though it seems a never-ending task due to the large number of people passing through.

Our hard working team also tend to roadsides and other public areas to improve their appearance and this is done on a rolling work programme due to the sheer size of the job. Camposol B’s section of Avenida de los Covachos for example is a dual carriageway about 800m in length with roundabouts at both ends, plus one in the middle, so that is 3 islands and the central reservation that all needing planting, weeding and maintenance. B Clean has also been funding the annual trimming of our many roadside palm trees, all of which is paid for out of the members’ subscriptions and other donations.

Now you know why we ask for your cash during the work sessions! The money has to come from somewhere and we have yet to grow our own money tree!

Money is always useful! We could not get much done without it, but what we cannot do without is willing volunteers. There have been plenty of occasions when just a handful of kind folk turn out to keep this sector looking good and with an area that is over 1km across, they can get spread pretty thinly, so how about giving them a hand please? We’re a friendly bunch and would love to see some new faces, especially on Tuesday mornings for the Work Group.

To get in touch, please check out our Facebook page B Clean Community Gardening. We look forward to seeing you soon!