Sharing the breakfast box
Sharing the breakfast box

Wow, September already! We are really hoping the temperatures drop a little. Working in the heat is so hard. Even the donkeys don’t want to be bothered with anything. They find a cool spot and stay there. Who can blame them? 

Well, just when we thought all was quiet … no more donkeys. Famous last words! One just turns up!

Here’s a story  

I got a frantic call saying one of our donkeys had escaped. ‘OMG no way’ was my first reaction. We rushed up to the sanctuary to bring the naughty boy back in to his friends. He was rather upset and very stressed, pacing up and down the fence. It was so hot on that day.

We arrived and walked him round to the main gate and off he went trotting happily to be with the herd. We then did a perimeter fence check round 30,000 sq mt to check where and how he got out! Surprisingly there was no hole!!!!  Yes we were shocked. Next was to count our herd, which isn’t easy as they are all spread over the land. After 3 counts and a lot of tutting, head scratching and ‘let’s count again’, we had one extra donkey, so it looks like this boy was dumped on us!

Our new boy, as yet he has no name
Our new boy, as yet he has no name

We sent lots of messages to local people, but no-one knew anything about this boy. The newspaper LaOpinion De Murcia, has even published an article about him being abandoned/dumped and we are very grateful for this.

So there you are Donkey number 108!!!! 

We are looking for a few more volunteers to help in our Mazarrón shop – just 4 hours a week that’s all we ask. We have a lovely team of volunteers there, but we need a few more to make life easier. If you can help, please drop me a message either via the site on FB or whatsapp me on 690 906 565 

The fly masks for the donkeys are working a treat, so thank-you to everyone who bought them and donated. Just a little simple gesture like a fly mask has made the donkeys lives more tolerable in the heat.

If you would like to donate to the donkeys, we now have 108 – yes 108, we also have a monthly sponsorship scheme. If you are interested, please send me a message or whatsapp …

For donations:


Bank Account

Andreas Animal rescue and the Henrietta Foundation

Bank Caja Rural

IBAN: ES 9830185740682015846617

BIC: bcoeesmm018

As usual every Monday there will be someone (usually me!) in the car park on the roundabout of Camposol B where you can drop donations off from 11.30-1.30pm. We are very visible with yellow panels on the side of our vans! Larger items can be collected by prior arrangement, otherwise items can be dropped off at either of our shops in Roldan or Mazarrón 10.30am-11.30pm.

Andrea xx