I am so happy to report that we have had a good month rehoming dogs!

Our beautiful Beth
now in the New Forrest

Beth & Willow have arrived safely in the UK, Ana has finally got her forever home in Valencia alongside another of our rescues from a couple of years ago and our little chap Leo has arrived safe and sound in Scotland. Thank you to everyone involved who made this possible. It’s a team effort and a great feeling when everything comes together with relative ease!

Our lovely Gitana is still waiting for a home. She was rescued having had a traumatic life to date, which resulted in her losing a leg. Do not let this put you off! She is incredible and has sailed through all her surgery and rehabilitation and is now waiting to be spoilt and loved. She is 4 years old, loves walks and would make a great companion.

Willow enjoying the lights in
sunny Blackpool

Another event that happened in the last month is the relocation of many of our donkeys after some major problems. Nothing but the best is what we aspire to for all our animals. They are very happy now, enjoying lots of outdoor life and more room to roam. This is a temporary arrangement and hopefully next month I will have some very exciting news to report.

Thank you to The Food Co in Puerto de Mazarrón who gave us lots of carrots for the donkeys and over the past months have given us veggies and even bread which we are able to toast in the sun for the donkeys. This makes a considerable difference; our food bill is always high and with 80+ donkeys ‘every little helps’.

Look at all these lovely
carrots …
our donkeys thought it was
Christmas come early .

We have had a wonderful response to our Sudocream appeal. This cream really works on the donkey’s legs and helps keep the flies away and wounds heal much quicker.

We have launched another appeal for the winter. It does get cold at night during the winter months and most of the donkeys live outdoors. Some have arthritis and some are on meds, so a snuggly, warm, waterproof rug means they can still roam around and not feel the cold so much. They can be purchased online from Decathlon for 24.99€ – https://www.decathlon.es/es/p/manta-secante-equitacion-fouganza-caballo-y-poni-gris-ligera/_/R-p-9285?mc=8295234&c=GRIS_AZUL

Alternatively, if you have any blankets lying around at home, they would be very gratefully received.

I am so disappointed we had to postpone the Trip to Benidorm. It has been rescheduled for 28th October, but sadly with only 50% capacity at the moment. We are keeping everything crossed it will go ahead. Not only is it a wonderful day out, but I need to go shopping. A girl can never have too many shoes!!

That’s it for this month. You can usually find me on Camposol B every Monday 11.30am-1.30pm, in the car park. I know we have missed the odd one, but this is because our shops have been short of volunteers. Donations can always be dropped off at either of our shops in Mazarrón Town or Roldan, Mon-Fri 11am-2pm.
Andrea x