Well these are very strange times, aren’t they?  Let’s hope by the time you read this article things are beginning to improve.

I know everyone has been affected by this horrible pandemic and our thoughts are with you all.  Not being able to open our shops has been catastrophic for us.  We rely entirely on our shops to keep the charity running on a day-to-day basis.  With 82 equines, 37 dogs and other smaller furry friends, this is a struggle.

When we launched an appeal for help, your response was overwhelming and without you, I dread to think what may have happened!!  We are managing to keep our heads above water – just!  Actually, the animals are very happy and haven’t suffered at all.  In fact, it’s us surviving on rice and beans!!  Joking apart, the animals have had our undivided attention for the past 6 weeks and it has been rather nice being able to spend more time with them.  It is a shame though that our animals in livery can’t have their regular visitors, but rest assured they are being very well looked after.

I am a little disappointed having this enforced time off with so much rain.  I mean what has been going on?  I have lost count how many times I have lost my wellies in the mud. Good job they are red, so easy to find!

Arturo with his very overgrown hooves
Arturo with his very overgrown hooves

Even though we are on lockdown and no income from the shops, the police still managed to contact me with an abandoned donkey.  Now this lovely, gentle boy is in the safe hands of AAR and we have named him Arturo. He seems a happy chap, but needs a visit from the farrier as his hooves are horrendous, so, please; if you can spare a few euros for Arturo we would be very grateful and so would the rest of the gang!  If you would like to donate here are the details:

and after our farrier worked his magic!
and after our farrier worked his magic!

Andrea’s Animal Rescue and The Henrietta Foundation

Bank: Caja Rural

Account No3018 5740 6820 1584 6617

IBAN:ES9830 1857 4068 2015 846617




Once again, a massive thank you to each and every one of you who has helped us out over the past few weeks.   Stay up to date with our posts on Facebook and hopefully it won’t be too long before this all sounds like a bad dream!

Andrea x