Well finally things seem to be going in the right direction.  Let’s hope by the time you read this article both our shops are open and we can start raising much-needed money to look after all our animals.  The past couple of months has been a worrying time, with over 80 equines, dogs and other small animals to take care of and no income from the shops has resulted in many sleepless nights.  I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has helped us through these difficult times. Without you we would have struggled to feed and maintain the donkeys.  I look forward to being able to thank you personally in the shops or on Camposol when even more normality has resumed.

We are having some maintenance work done in the Mazarrón shop which resulted in a small delay in re-opening.  These things have to be done and as we are going into our 7th year there, our precious shop deserved a little TLC.  We have had a massive clear out and tidy up too, so with a bit of reorganising we hope the shop continues to prosper.  Our shops are our lifeline and your donations make everything we do possible.  Once again, a big thank you for thinking of us. We would like to inform our customers that we will no longer have any ‘trying on’ facilities in either shop and we cannot accept any returns. The majority of our clothes are going to be ONLY 1€ for the summer, so lots of bargains.

Pepe on his release from the pererra ... he now has a home in Wales
Pepe on his release from the pererra … he now has a home in Wales

My heart danced for the first time in a while when I was allowed to go to the Perrera in Murcia.  It had been closed for 9 weeks and we had a little chap reserved for us to rehome.  It was really difficult not being able to go and see him.  We called him Pepe and weighing in at only 3.20kgs at 10 weeks, he is going to be small.  Within an hour of him going onto our FB page he was reserved. With 80 equines, we can only take a limited number of rescues and Pepe it was your lucky day!

Being in lockdown makes no difference to abandoned donkeys.  We have taken in 3 over the past few weeks:

Jude .. enjoying life now , never again will he be hobbled … and just look at those ears

Jude had his feet tied together with the ropes digging into his legs and leaving deep wounds which is not only brutal, but illegal.  Huge thanks to Janet who is going to sponsor him.

Our little boy Platero was so depressed.

Arturo had badly overgrown feet.

Platero saying Hola to Honey ... I hope they will be friends
Platero saying Hola to Honey … I hope they will be friends

These 3 boys are now under the angel wings of AAR and their new life has already started.  Never will they experience any suffering again.  We are always looking for sponsors, especially for our new arrivals.  There are always vets and farrier bills and sponsorship is a perfect way of learning how they are progressing with newsletters, photos and more.  It makes a wonderful gift and helps the charity so much.  Take a look at our FB page, send me a message via WhatsApp, messenger or email and I will forward you details.

If you would like to make a donation via PayPal, please go to


Every Little Really Does Help.

Thank you.

Andrea x