I am so immensely proud of all our rescues.  Most of them come from dire backgrounds, having been starved, abused, neglected and injured without any help from their owners.

Glamour, looking better every day
Glamour, looking better every day

Glamour, a beautiful brown horse with a fabulous nature, came to us only a couple of months ago as a very thin and lost soul. She has taken part in fiestas before so is used to crowds.  Glamour is doing well and her spirit is beginning to shine through. She is putting on weight and looks happy and is available for adoption. She is around 9 years old and 15.2hh. 

Lucera and St Ledger have come on leaps and bounds.  They love running around together and look stunning with their beautiful white coats.  When you see their progress over time it makes it all so worthwhile.

We always relish a challenge and nothing more so than a mastine mum and fifteen puppies! When we went to see them we discovered there were 2 mamas. We are primarily an equine charity, but will lend a hand where we can.  The mothers are lovely, but 15 puppies at once was a step too far.  I came away with the smallest one who was struggling to get any food.  Thank you, Andy, for having 2 of the puppies and taking care of Misha for me too. The person involved contacted us and asked if we could help.  He was also totally open to the mothers being spayed. We collected the remaining puppies and along with some colleagues from two other rescues from Malaga. It’s brilliant when we can work closely with other charities.  Thank you so much to everyone involved.


We had an emergency just before Christmas when one of our lovely dogs Dulce that was rehomed on Camposol went missing.  This poor girl was scared of her own shadow!  She was rescued when pregnant and had been in our care a while. We homed all her puppies and felt as though we had made great progress when she started coming into the house, but the little minx gave her new owners the slip and was on the run for 5 days.  There were many sightings of her, but she proved very difficult to catch until Christmas Day!! So many people were involved that I don’t know where to start in terms of thanking everyone. Kev and I will never forget your dedication, time and compassion.  Dulce is now settled with her new family.  The best Christmas present ever!

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Open: Roldan (10.30am-2.30pm) or Mazarrón Town (10am-2pm) Donations can be dropped off at the shops or on Mondays 11.30am-1.30pm on Camposol B Car Park, where I will be in my usual spot. 

Andrea x