AAR love months like this. It’s been a quiet time on the rescue front, BUT still so much work behind the scenes, looking after the daily needs of 96 donkeys. The donkeys are our life. They need us and we adore them. Anyone who meets our gang literally falls in love.

Louie and Lewis … father and son settling in well after there castration
Louie and Lewis … father and son settling in well after there castration

Joe the little Jack Russell arrived in Scotland and has settled in nicely with his new family. Gitana, our three legged galgo, has also settled in her new home here in Spain. We wish both our rescues and their new families lots of love. We miss them so so much.

The two donkeys rescued in Mazarrón last month are recovering from their castrations and will soon be joining the others at the sanctuary.

Cameron, who came to us with the horrific neck wound, is well on the mend. The donkeys rescued from the same place, Louie and Lewis, are settling well and have been castrated.

Pancho before his operation, the size of his hernia was the size of a water melon !!!
Pancho before his operation, the size of his hernia was the size of a water melon !!!

Pancho with the huge hernia is due out of hospital as I write this. The horse, Luna, is doing great bless her; blind in one eye, only one ear and a huge hole above her nose. All these injuries from dog attacks – just appalling! All 5 are legally under AAR’s protective wings. They will never know cruelty again; only love. Both previous owners are being prosecuted for neglect by the Policia. We will update when we know more.

We had a scary moment on Saturday when the mountain opposite the sanctuary caught fire: luckily over the road and the flames going up the mountain away from us. A very, very low flying helicopter with a water bucket constantly went over the sanctuary. You can imagine the noise it made! The donkeys were very interested, but lunch is lunch and food rules. They just carried on munching away!

Pancho recovering well in the hospital
Pancho recovering well in the hospital

The temperature at the sanctuary last year dropped to -5º quite a few times and some of the little ones and older ones needed to rug-up, so every year we are trying to buy a few more. If you are really stuck this year for ideas, why not treat a donkey to a nice warm rug or two? I have ordered 7 from a supplier at the cost of €250, so if you can help, we could order more!

We are very excited that we have been invited to the Christmas Carol Service at St Nicholas Church, Camposol on Sunday 12th December at 11am. Sadly our beautiful Lola passed away this year, but she taught her replacement well. You are all most welcome and there’s tea/coffee and mince pies afterwards. Massive thanks to Bill and Val for inviting us. 

There is still time to Buy A Bale for Christmas so that on Christmas morning our girls and boys can have a lovely breakfast and dinner! They love the alfalfa at 4€ a bale. You can donate at either of our shops or visit me on Camposol B on a Monday morning. I am on the carpark between 11.30am-1.30pm to collect your unwanted goods to sell in our shops.

We would also like to thank Patti and Bob who publish the Costa Cálida Chronicle every month. Thank you so much for the publicity. We really appreciate your support.

We hope you all have a super Christmas and a Very Happy New Year. Thank you for all your love, care and support you have shown our donkeys throughout the year. We love you all.
See you in 2022

Take care

Love Andrea, Kevin and all the team at AAR