My goodness May already! I know the past 18 months have been quite different, but I feel a little bit of optimism returning.Our solar power at The Sanctuary, La Paca has made a huge difference to our lives there. Being able to switch the fridge on and flick a switch for lights; what a treat!  Small things when you have not had them and had to rely on an unpredictable generator, which always ran out of fuel at the most inappropriate times is hopefully a thing of the past.  We are still waiting for the plans back from the Council for the stables to be built. They have had them ages and we just want to get started and it is such an important part of our plans. 

The way people shop locally has changed a lot since lock down and much more is done online.  We have relaunched our House of Henrietta fashion page and it is now called House of Henrietta Apparel Donkey Sanctuary where lots of previously loved and new quality items are posted frequently.  Pay the page a visit, like and share and then you will see details of the items posted.  We have some cracking items and the page is doing very well.  We have also relaunched the AAR Mazarrón Shop page with items for the home. Take a look! You never know, there might just be something there you are looking for – at a great price!

All the money goes towards the care of the donkeys, ponies and dogs which does not come cheap.  We have just had a delivery of alfalfa and it cost 1,125€ and that is just for the donkeys at La Paca. It is an essential part of their diet.  Donkeys have big tummies, as long as they are happy!  They also receive other supplementary food! 

FACT:  Did you know it is better for donkeys to feed at ground level as it is generally better for their digestion!

I have heard many times how dogs are abandoned; thrown out of cars, left by/in dustbins and abused, but I have now actually seen it happen – along the road by my house!  I was behind a van when it happened and got the registration.  A little dog was thrown out looking very bewildered! A super friendly little boy, he came with me, but he had a horrible gaping wound on the top of his neck.  It definitely needed the vet’s attention, so the poor little chap had to be sedated whilst it was cleaned and sewn back together.  I am sure he will make a full recovery.  The strange thing is, he looked well cared for and certainly not starved, but no surprise; no chip!  He will be available for adoption once he has healed.  We have named him Joe and think he is about 4 years old.  A denuncia has been taken out.

It is great to be back on Camposol B on Mondays and to catch up with so many supporters and friends we haven’t seen for a long time.  Kevin or I are always very happy to receive your donations and one of us will be there every Monday from 11.30am-1.30pm in the car park.  Alternatively, items can be dropped off at either shop in Roldan or Mazarrón from 10.30am-1.30pm.

That’s it for now.

Andrea x