I want to start out with a massive shout out to The Diner on Camposol who held a Quiz and Alatona Golf on the outskirts of Murcia who held a Golf Day. Together they raised approximately 1200€ for AAR.  That is an incredible amount of money and we are so grateful for the time and effort and contributions everyone made.  

Beautiful Nakita on her arrival at AAR
Beautiful Nakita on her arrival at AAR

We are always trying to come up with different ways to boost our funds and with 87 donkeys and equines in our care a fun day or event hosted by bars, businesses or local organizations is a great way to do that.  If you love donkeys and want to support a local charity ,then please get in touch with me if you feel you could host something along these lines. We also have lots of donation tins for loose change that would sit very prettily on a counter or desk!

Nakita's gorgeous boy “Just Joe“
Nakita’s gorgeous boy “Just Joe“

Last month we helped another local charity Sensol by taking on board two of their donkeys. Momma Nakita and her boy Just Joe have become part of the AAR family.  Nakita unfortunately has severe laminitis, a condition in the hoof. It is extremely painful, seldom reversible and can be fatal.  With some good farrier and veterinary intervention and management by way of diet it can be kept under control. 

Just Joe is just smashing and is already making himself at home!  He will need castrating once the summer is over and all the flies have gone away.  

Poor Altoro with his sore bottom…. Thankfully now on the mend
Poor Altoro with his sore bottom…. Thankfully now on the mend

Arturo was kicked or bitten by another donkey resulting in a horrid injury just below his bottom.  I took one look at it and knew we needed to get him to the hospital in Alicante who did an amazing job and he didn’t need to stay in.  They had to remove the maggots that had made a home in his bottom, gave it a good clean and some antibiotics.  I know how painful it is to have a good ‘hoofing’ from a donkey, but they are affectionate animals and look for their trusted humans to be petted or simply stand nearby.  They can form extraordinarily strong bonds with their fellow donkeys and when they die even mourn them.  Donkeys are  defensive animals and whereas a horse’s first response to a threat is to run, a donkeys is to stand and fight !!! 

If you would like to donate to AAR:
Paypal​​: andreasanimalrescuemurcia@hotmail.com
Bank​​Caja Rural/IBAN: ES9830185740682015846617
BIC: bcoeesmm018​ 
The Account name is Andreas Animal Rescue and the Henrietta Foundation

We are the only fully legal donkey sanctuary in the whole of Murcia and with 87 donkeys to fund we cherish every donation that comes our way, including the items for our shops in Mazarrón and Roldan.  

Please help us to save more. With your continued help and support we can do this. 

Every Monday there will be a representative from AAR (usually me!) in the car park on the roundabout of Camposol B where you can drop things off 11.30-1.30pm.  We are very visible with the yellow panels on the side of our vans.   Larger items can be collected by prior arrangement, or items can be dropped off at either shop between 10.30am & 1.30pm.  

That’s it for this month

Andrea x