During lockdown we were extremely limited regarding animal rescues as we knew there were many animals out there needing our help.

Gitana, doesn’t she look
happy, fabulous girl
Gitana, doesn’t she look happy, fabulous girl

We have rescued quite a few dogs over the past weeks; one dog in particular. Gorgeous Gitana came to us with a very long sad story, resulting in her having to have her front leg amputated.  Please take the time to read her story on our Facebook page.  Gitana was allowed home just 24 hours after having her leg removed; her fourth operation in only 6 months!  This girl is amazing and her resilience is exceptional.  She will be available for adoption once she is fully recovered.  She is negative for all Mediterranean diseases, is spayed and is around 4 years old. Now it’s time for her life to begin.  Don’t let 3 legs put you off either! She is becoming very adept at using just three!

Little Pepe in his new home
Little Pepe in his new home

Pepe, our tiny little boy, was all geared up to go the UK, but the home fell through at the last minute. He has fallen on his feet in Puerto de Mazarrón, so I will be able to still see him. Already he has his paws under the table!

Our little chap Leo, who also had a leg injury, came to us from the Perrera in Murcia and he has got a home in Scotland. He will definitely need a warm coat! Thank you Joan who already has a dog from us.

It is so rewarding when people come back to us. It makes us feel really proud and that a good job has been done.

Ana having a little cuddle ... I’m sure it won’t be long before she is snapped up
Ana having a little cuddle … I’m sure it won’t be long before she is snapped up

Little Ana was adopted from us around 3 years ago, but the owners sent me a Whatsapp saying they could no longer look after her. Shocked? Yes!  I suppose the saving grace is that she wasn’t just abandoned and left to fend for herself on the streets. However that doesn’t mean that’s a wrong put right!  She is a super little girl, about three years old and looks a little like a miniature corgi and would make a great little companion.

I feel as though we have achieved a lot with our canines these past few weeks. It’s good to be back doing what we do best.

Our latest donkey rescue, came from Almeria.  He is a friendly chap, but he had a head collar on that was far too tight and so many open wounds on his legs and chest which of course the flies loved.

Sweetheart, your new life with AAR will see you protected and taken care of.  If you would like to donate to his care or even sponsor him then please get in touch with me.  Donations can be made directly via PayPal to andreasanimalrescuemurica@hotmail.com

A Date For Your Diary – Wednesday, 16th September – Trip to Benidorm.

Only 17€ with the opportunity to have a fun day out, shopping, eating, drinking and just having a good time all in aid of AAR. Let me know if you want tickets.

It is great to be back on Camposol B Car Park in my regular spot on Mondays 11.30am-1.30pm to collect any unwanted donations.

You can easily see us in our yellow and white van.  I have missed seeing you and looking forward to some good catch up chats. You can also drop donations off at the shops in Mazarrón Town 10.30am-1.30pm or Roldan 11am-2pm.

Andrea x