Well the months are certainly flying by! It will soon be Christmas! 

A few weeks ago we were informed by the local police of Mazarrón about an abandoned donkey in La Atalaya. When we arrived she had been locked up with some goats by the local goat man saying he put her there for safety and she belongs to all the villagers. WELL – It’s such a shame the villagers don’t have eyes to see the state this girl was in!! She was struggling to walk due to severe hoof negligence and also has a little laminitis. She has a total of 3 teeth in her mouth – Yes 3!! Never have I seen such poor treatment of an animal that still wants to give so much. It is utterly shocking. She was named Esmeralda and will be sponsored, by two of our sponsors Mike and Linda.

Our 2nd rescue of the month came in via a friend who had taken him from gypsies. All the donkeys we have dealt with over the last 17 years have nothing on this boy. He is so strong and literally wants to attack us every chance he gets. The biting is a huge problem as he could do a lot of damage given the chance!! Strangely, what seems to calm him, is water. He has now been castrated so we need to hose his ‘bits n bobs’ to keep the swelling down. He enjoys his shower and acts like a normal donkey … turn the hose off and get ready as he is a donkey possessed again!!!  

We will continue to work with him and gain his trust, but he’s one challenging donkey!  

At the time of writing our Benidorm Trip is just days away. A huge thank you to Linda and Dave for supplying all the raffle prizes. It is only a day trip, but it’s so nice to do something other than donkeys! 

Our dear boy Bradley was homed! We weren’t actually looking for a home for him, but when our friend Gill lost her darling Gini, her boy Rascal was very lonely. I do get to see him as Gill lives half the week at the sanctuary. Bradley came to us a year ago from Mazarrón Town. His owners went to Barcelona to see their son every weekend and sadly Bradley was left on the patio. He loves people, so I can imagine how lonely he was. His life changed when he came to us. 

We still have Mollies’ 4 pups 

They are 6 months old now – all girls.

Our Sponsorship Scheme for the donkeys and ponies makes a super gift. 

This scheme is vital to our ongoing work and really helps with the constant rise of the feed bills. 




Caja Rural Bank Account 

Andreas Animal rescue and the Henrietta Foundation

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We are at the roundabout on Camposol B very Monday where you can drop donations off from 11.30am-1.30pm. Larger items can be collected by prior arrangement.

Items can also be dropped off at our shops in Roldan or Mazarrón Town from 10.30am-1.30pm.