Eighty-Year-Old Keith Bagnall came close to breaking the society record with an amazing 45 points in a recent Stableford competition at Altorreal.

Keith won the event by 10 shots and his handicap has now been reduced by four shots to 20.

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Stableford Results

June 13th 

1st Bob Barnes (21 hc) 45 pts

2nd Keith Bagnall (24 hc) 36 pts

3rd Chris Fox (24 hc) 35 pts

4th Tony Stapleton (20 hc) 34 pts

June 18th 

1st Barry Floyd (21 hc) 36 pts

2nd John Porteous (12 hc) 32 pts

3rd Chris Fox (24 hc) 32 pts

4th David Bryant (21 hc) 30 pts

Two: Barry Floyd (17th)

June 20th 

1st John Batterby (20 hc) 33 pts

2nd Clive Hazelhurst (23 hc) 33 pts

3rd Bob Barnes (17 hc) 31 pts

4th Barry Floyd (21 hc) 30 pts

June 25th 

1st Ron Emmerson (27 hc) 34 pts

2nd Barry Floyd (22 hc) 30 pts

3rd John Porteous (12 hc) 27 pts

4th David Bryant (21 hc) 27 pts 

June 27th 

1st Barry Floyd (22 hc) 38 pts

2nd Mark Ireland (24 hc) 37 pts

3rd Paul Richards (16 hc) 35 pts

4th Jim Baldock (20 hc) 32 pts

July 2

1st Tony Stapleton (21 hc) 32 pts

2nd Barry Floyd (21 hc) 32 pts

3rd Ron Emmerson (27 hc) 30 pts

Two: Ron Emmerson (8th)

July 4

1st Keith Bagnall (24 hc) 45 pts

2ndTony Stapleton (21 hc) 35 pts

3rd Clive Hazelhurst (23 hc) 23 pts

4th Roy Catchpole (26 hc) 32 pts