This is the time of year when we take a break from walking as the temperatures are normally too hot. We will start walking again, hopefully with a full programme, in October, but as a taster we have an extra walk. Martin and Jess will be leading aFull Moon walk on Friday 29th September, to start off the season.

Val de Infierno with all 5 committee members

During this period, there is still a lot of work to do behind the scenes. When WARM started in 2005, it was a small informal group of walkers and there was maybe one walk a month. Just to give you an idea of the difference in 18 years; we started 2022 with 153 people on the mailing list! It dropped to 142 in January before rising to 171 in May! We have just reviewed the membership list and we now have 131 people and we had 109 people who paid their 15€ insurance and most of them walked at least once. We had walks planned for every Saturday from the end of September through to the end of April. Most months we had a least two but sometimes four SWARM walks.  

As you can imagine this changed the landscape of the group and it became an Association in 2017 with a small committee of five people.

I am Norma and keeping all of this up-to-date and answering queries is a big part of my secretarial role, together with arranging meetings, administering the Facebook page and writing these monthly articles. 


Martin and David are the two people who organise the walk programme and we have 37 people who have led walks this season and we are hoping to encourage new leaders as we move forward. We will be asking them for offers of walks soon and it is a lengthy task, from an idea, to the day of the walk itself. Most people check the routes at least twice to ensure there are no unforeseen hazards. Martin also sends out all of the walk information.

Juan Antonio is responsible for dealing with our Spanish bureaucracy and as we found to our cost this year, when trying to sort a bank account out, we need to keep our registration with the region up-to-date and it needs to reflect the actual committee and any changes we make. Thankfully we have a stable committee going forward to 2023-24.

King Kong

Karin, our Treasurer, is responsible for ensuring we deal appropriately with all our finances and she also keeps a track of sales of our walking book.

Annual General Meeting Friday 22nd September

We are very grateful that one of our members has offered to host this again at her house in Cehegin. There will be a short business meeting, but the main event will be food, drink, and music.

As there have been no walks I have chosen some of my favourite photos from this year.

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