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A new and small community charity is about to open a quality charity shop in Los Belones on Tuesday December 4th at 10am

The Yo-Encuentro charitable association is formed from a small group of individuals who live locally, who are grateful for the great lives they can enjoy here and at the same time want to share some of that goodness with others, locally and internationally.

The name Yo-Encuentro comes from the concept that people ‘will find’ what they need in life through buying quality goods at competitive prices, through donating surplus items, through volunteering and by taking part in future community activities such as ‘inter-cambio’ (language classes).

The shop will be at 18 Calle Murillo in Los Belones, next to the Launderette and the Taverna Murillo. Opening hours 10am-2pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

How will it operate?

It will be run entirely by volunteers; no salaries will be paid. It will endeavour to keep operating costs to a minimum, but costs like rent, electricity, insurance, taxes etc are inevitable. All surplus profits will be given out to charitable causes. We already have certain causes in mind, but are open to new ideas.

Through the website www.yo-encuentro.org and in the shop we will publish open accounts so people can see how their monies/donations are handled.

What can you do?

We would like to receive quality items for resale; new or used. Items such as men’s and women’s clothing, all kinds of household items (that will go in a small van – no large items), golf equipment, children’s items, general bric-a-brac, jewellery etc.

Sponsor/Cash Donations

Individuals and businesses can sponsor things such as: signs; advertising material; set up costs; till; shop fittings; weekly rent; maintenance. We will advertise the sponsorship accordingly. See list on website.

In this interim period we can collect donations or they can be delivered to us. You can contact us for more information.

Bob and Mary Barham @ La Manga Club 693 806 043


Mike and Rowie Opper @ Los Urritias 634 311 084