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Yo-Ecuentro charity shop in Los Belones is now well established with continued growth in its range of customers and donations.

Check out our new look website www.yo-encuentro.org

The change in seasons brings about a change in the type of goods sold. At the time of writing we have a superb range of paintings and art work; just what you need for the new look for summer in your house! We also have a full range of summer clothing.

As ever the quality of items for sale is excellent and great value.

Lately we have been given one or two special items, unique and of greater value. Keep a watch on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/yoencuentrospain/ as when we get special items we advertise them there.

As summer approaches we are going to change our opening hours slightly. We will be closed on Saturdays and will open in addition from 5pm-8pm on Fridays.

Our donations to educating orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya continues and we will be supporting a children’s home in Elche as well as a Dog Refuge in Los Belones this month.

We are trying to give over €600 away each month because of your generous support as donors, customers and volunteers. However we are now being told we have to charge 21% IVA on all our sales, despite being a registered charity/association! This means less going to those in need!!


Calle Murillo 18

Los Belones 30385