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Don’t the months go by so quickly! It only seems a few days since I wrote the last insert for Yo-Encuentro

We are so grateful for all the donations and our customers, as sales and donations keep on rising.  The pictures show the quality of items we have for sale, or have already been sold.

With summer now in place the stock has changed accordingly, with summer dresses and shorts, outdoor items and children’s clothes and toys now in stock.

The donations made to the Kenya fund mean that we continue to support families in Kenya:

This month we have had to rehouse one family as they lost everything, including their crops, due to all the rain and floods.

Fred, our young man at university is on placement in Nairobi in laboratories as part of his Bio Chemistry degree.

Willson is on a month’s placement in Nairobi as well with a major car dealer to further his motor mechanics qualification.

We look forward to your visit to our shop in Los Belones. Check our Facebook page for regular updates https://www.facebook.com/yoencuentrospain/