This Sunday, November 3, the pioneer test is held in the Region of Murcia in what Mountain Bike cycling refers to as the XXIV Marcha MTB ‘Bahia de Mazarrón’ organized by the Cycling Club 9 and ½ with the collaboration of the Department of Sports of the City Council of Mazarrón. The councillor delegate of the area, Francisco José García, and the president of the aforementioned club, José de la Cruz, have been in charge of presenting the event that will start at 9:30am from the promenade of Puerto de Mazarrón.

As José de la Cruz explained “it is a test with a 52-kilometer course with an accumulated slope of about 1500 meters and although it is quite hard, the good thing is that it does not go through paths and we have been given a stretch of forest track ”. The president of the cycling club added that “the tour starts at sea level, goes up the Rambla de Bolnuevo, takes the short side of the Sierra de La Perdiz to connect with its long side, down to Mingrano and from there towards the Rambla de Valdelentisco to return to sea level to Alamillo beach and reach the finish line ”.

There are already more than 240 registered from a total of 300 places, the maximum number of participants that the club allows for an organized and safe control of the event. The registration, which can be done through, is 25€ for federated and 30 euros for non-federated. For participants there will be a commemorative vest as a gift. The event “is very colourful because of the landscape and surroundings that are covered, and pleasant because good weather always accompanies us,” said José de la Cruz, who thanked “the institutional support of the City Council of Mazarrón and the sponsors to continue holding it year after year ”

The Councillor for Sports was proud of the event “because it is also the oldest sports event held in the municipality” reiterating “the support of the City Council to continue for many more years.” Francisco José García called on the neighbours and tourists to “encourage the participants along the route and go to the event to learn more about mountain biking”.