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A different way of doing “church”

Keep it simple, that’s what I say. Why over complicate things and if it can be told visually so much the better.

Recently we had the joy and privilege at Welcome House of just such a visual experience, when two folk went through the waters of believer’s baptism in obedience to the teaching of Jesus.

What’s that all about!

These folk had previously invited Jesus into their lives and put their faith in Him to be saved. Saving faith is not just mentally agreeing with the facts about Jesus; saving faith involves repentance, or turning from your sin and is a personal response to Christ’s sacrifice for our sins.

True faith results in obedience.

It then follows on, after being saved, that you would want to be baptised, following Jesus’ example when He asked John to baptise Him. It was what God wanted Him to do. Jesus, therefore was being obedient to His Father.

Baptism is obedience to Christ and the public confession that says, “World, I am no longer available. I am now committed to the Lord Jesus Christ.”

It should be noted that baptism, should only happen when a person confesses his or her faith in Christ, but it is faith in the Lord Jesus Christ that saves, not baptism.

Jesus had been given all authority in heaven and on earth and He charged us with ‘The Great Commission’ in Matthew 28:18-20 where Jesus tells us to go out and make disciples of all nations and baptise them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In short, we are saved by faith and baptism is a symbolic act of showing the world we have died to our old way of life and were buried with Christ and will rise again to be with Him in Glory.

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Welcome House can be found at 3A Campillio y Suertes, Cehegin.