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Define the word Good

I guess we would all come up with different definitions; one would consider summer in Spain as good, whilst another might consider it uncomfortable.

What about holidays?  It’s good to lie on a beach all day, or maybe that’s just too boring!

However we look at it, there are times in life when we would much prefer things weren’t happening.  Sometimes we are dealt a raw deal, but how we handle such times makes us the people we are.

I have been asked, “Where was God in all that? Why did he let that happen?”

How come they only acknowledge God when they need help?  When life is ‘good’ they don’t want to know.

Look at the bigger picture. God allows things to happen to enable Him to work for our ‘good’, as was the case with Joseph. Through no fault of his own, he spent many difficult years, some in prison, during which time God humbled and prepared him for the position of importance he would later hold, when he saved his family and a nation from starvation.

Max Lucado puts it this way: ‘When you sip on a cup of coffee and say, “This is good,” what are you saying?

The plastic bag containing the beans is good?

The beans themselves are good?

Hot water is good?

A coffee filter is good?

No, none of these. Good happens when the ingredients work together: the bag opened, the beans ground into powder, the water heated to the right temperature. It is the collective cooperation of the elements that creates good’.

What we can be sure of is that God will never allow Satan to win the day. Romans 8:28 tells us, “In all things God works for the ‘good’ of those who love him.”

God is good all the time; all the time God is good.

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