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Peace – What is it?

Speaking as a sufferer of tinnitus, I have forgotten what it is like to have complete quiet, although when folk visit us they will often comment on how peaceful it is in our garden, even though there are always birds singing and a breeze rustling through the trees and at such times, the wind-chimes will be playing their melodic tune, yet it is considered a place of peace.

As I write, we are in flight and it is anything but quiet and yet it is possible for me to shut off all the noise and find peace immersed in what I am doing.  In this bustling world that we live in I don’t think we will ever find complete quiet, so what does it mean ‘to have Peace’? It must be an inner presence, where we are content with our lot.

How can we achieve this Peace?

The Bible speaks quite a lot about it.  It is filled with verses that will bring us Peace in the midst of our struggles and worries.  In many churches you are invited to offer the Peace to each other during the service.  Sadly there is a great temptation to chat and catch up with folk at the same time.

Jesus himself offered Peace to His disciples when He appeared to them after His resurrection.  They were locked away in a room, hiding in fear of their lives. They were constantly reassured by His presence, so this is how we find Peace – through Jesus. We can’t find Peace in the things of this world because this world is imperfect.

Only God is perfect.

Only God is forever.

Stay close to Him and He will give you His perfect Peace that passes all understanding.

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