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A different way of doing “church”


Summer! It’s here and it’s time to catch up on my reading; after all it’s an excuse to sit in the sun and not feel I’m wasting time.

Have you heard about the move towards Progressive Christianity? Neither had I, although once I read further I was aware of what they were talking about.

Apparently a ‘Progressive Christian’ does not view the Bible as being the word of God and authoritative for our lives.  Instead they emphasize personal belief over biblical mandate.

Personal feelings and opinions tend to be valued above factual truth and the Bible ceases to be viewed as God’s definitive word. There’s a lot more if you would like to read about it at www.crosswalk.com

What’s happening? Are we lowering our values on important issues?

Standards? We all have them, but it would appear that some have higher standards than others and are so deemed as to having more money than others. This is not always the case. We struggle to keep up appearances. Why? Probably it has a lot to do with the way we were brought up.

What about our spiritual standards? How do folk view those? Do they think he or she is more godly than another just because they have a good heart and are always trying to do the right thing, by helping others?

Do I serve my Saviour as well as I ought and following His word as it is written?

God doesn’t look at our outward appearances, whether we lay the table correctly, or use the appropriate dress code. He is far more concerned with what is in our hearts than what is on our backs.

As a young person I remember we would say ‘it’s the gospel truth’, trying to convince someone of something and so you would be believed.  Now it seems to many that the gospel truth has lost its value.

If you would like to contact us regarding anything we have publicised or may be planning in the future, or just for a chat, our contact details are:



Tel 633 447 937

Welcome House can be found at 3A Campillio y Suertes, Cehegin.