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A different way of doing “church”

Do you have a good sense of direction?

Given my dreadful memory, mine, for the most part is pretty good.

Derek relies on me to get us to our destination, even when we haven’t been before. He has very little sense of direction!

However whilst walking recently I was completely thrown.  To me, when looking at the map, we were walking in the opposite direction we needed to be in, but this was not so.

I was grateful for the map to keep us on course.

What about the Christian walk in life?

God created us in His own image and gave us free choice. He didn’t want puppets, dangling us on a piece of string. He chose us as friends, hoping that we will return that friendship.

Making right choices can sometimes seem very daunting.  Fortunately, our freedom of choice allows us to approach God asking for help in discovering His will for us; like reading a map, it will keep us on course.

Why then are we reluctant to do just that; seek God’s will?

We think we know what’s best and dive in head first.

Let’s be practical!  Unlike the prophets of old, I can’t say I’ve ever experienced a loud voice from heaven telling me what to do. I don’t believe that’s how God works.  Neither does he send emails, although one day Derek did get a spam email saying ‘This is from God’!

God speaks to us through his word; the Bible.  It’s his map to the choices we make in life and is completely reliable because; ‘All scripture is God breathed’. 2 Timothy3:16

So next time you don’t know which way to turn, grab a Bible and start turning the pages. I guarantee God will start talking to you, if you are open to listen.

If you would like to contact us regarding anything we have publicised or may be planning in the future, or just for a chat our contact details are:

Tel 633 447 937

Welcome House can be found at 3A Campillio y Suertes, Cehegin.