As promised in last month’s issue I now have some photos of our most recent social event at the entrancing Moroccan Gardens of Carmen del Campillo. Despite so many WARMers still being away on holiday, (and the long drive into Alicante province), 17 people were able to attend, including our newest member. I hope that he enjoyed meeting some of the others in WARM and will be encouraged to return.

From the feedback on our Facebook page I think that a lot of others will be going there in the future. As with the pictures of all of our walks, the photos are never as good as first-hand experience, but I hope that those of one of the numerous pretty and intimate courtyards will whet your appetite, as well as the image from later in the evening that shows an enticing candlelit path.

On Saturday 14th July, as promised, Yvonne and Paul had booked the yurt (big tepee). We didn’t use it! With interior temperatures in the 40s we decided to decamp to a fresher area and as you can see, everybody had decided to wear much lighter outfits than usual.

The walk was shorter than we do normally – maybe 200m at the most. There were some comments that the steps up to the roof terraces were rather steep and that allegedly the East face was a significant challenge. So much for being a walking group! From their prostrated posture it would seem that people suffered greatly (or maybe it was the weight of the cakes and drinks that we’d consumed), but this had been classified as a social event.

By the time that you’re reading we shall also have completed another outing (slightly longer than the Moroccan Gardens) – a walk under the light of the full moon on the northern edge of the vast plains of Cagitán.

It’s an area of high cereal plains that lies within the triangle of land between Mula, Calasparra and Cieza. We’d done the recce under the July full moon in order to anticipate all eventualities and also to check that the moon was going to be in the right place. Odette kindly led us on an adventure that few will ever have previously experienced. Cagitán has exceptional views to all points of the compass and also very little light pollution (hardly anyone lives there). The peacefulness was very special for us, although the noise of our midnight picnic might have disturbed the peace of a few of the resident creatures. (Photos next month).

On Sunday 30th September, thanks to Joe and Jane, we will be holding WARM’s very first official AGM at their house. It also sees the end of our summer socialising and the start of the process of planning the programme for the 2018-2019 season that kicks off in October. As always, full details of future outings will be sent automatically to those who are already on the WARM mailing list, normally about a fortnight ahead. If there is anyone who would like to be added to this list, please contact Jessica on Please indicate where your nearest large town is. (I don’t need a full address). The majority of outings will be in the north-west of the region and only those who are on the mailing list can access the closed WARM Facebook page.