Despite the fact that our walking season hasn’t started officially, Martin said “and now for something completely different” and on Monday 7th August, he took us on a Full Moon Walk in the beautiful area near to the Rambla de Perea and the Fuente de Caputa, not far from Mula.

On the administrative front we’re still awaiting a reply from the Comunidad Autónoma de la Región de Murcia. Our application to be registered as a non-profit making organisation was submitted for approval in the middle of June and we’ll have to wait at least until September before receiving a reply. Hopefully all the documentation will comply with their criteria and we’ll then be able to apply for the CIF (Certificado de Identificación Fiscal – legal identification number for the club) which will allow us to buy affordable insurance for the group. Until we’re in a position to buy the insurance we’ve decided to get everyone to sign a Disclaimer form before doing any route (an “Hoja de Descarga Voluntaria de Responsibilidades y Aceptación de Riesgo”).

warm Flashing at the moon under the aqueductMartin’s Full Moon Walk
This was over rocky terrain, ducking under pine branches, trying to avoid their roots and by torchlight we managed to manoevre our way to the tricky bit! After a bit of clambering over the shiny boulders in the rambla (and with a surprising background murmur of the water) and not a few ‘ouches’, we encountered a dead-end. It did actually appear like the end, but previous recces had taught us that there is a narrow ledge under the cliff beside the 5 metre high waterfall, where we could squeeze by. The mountaineering cable in the rock face normally gives a welcome sense of security, but unfortunately it had broken! However, everyone kept their nerve and all inched safely along the ledge.

The thunder, lightening and rain just three hours previously had cast a little doubt over the sensibility of the excursion. However, locally there had been very little rain and the opportunity to observe the partial lunar eclipse was too good to miss.

warm Pausing by the PoolAs the skies darkened further and we reached more secure footing, we were able to look about us, trying to identify the constellations with a phone App and the shiny buildings of the pueblos that we could make out under the moonlight. We followed an open camino up to the high ridge that looks down over the RM15, the reservoir El Ciervo, and the rear of Mula Castle. In previous years this latter has been floodlit at night, but sadly this year it isn’t (due to a dispute between the Town Hall and the owners). Next time you’re on the RM15 look up and you should be able to make out the white ex-casa-forestal building that we passed on our return. Sadly though, not once was the lunar eclipse apparent!

warm Snaking back to easier pathsPeople’s motivations for going on WARM walks are varied. The magical atmosphere demanded slow appreciation and so this was by no means an energetic route (though we do have them too!) Afterwards, sitting together in the darkness on the rocks by the stream, enjoying a cool beer and picnic, the atmosphere just seemed to embody the contentment and satisfaction of sharing the experience.

Hopefully, you can make out the photos – it was dark!

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The next WARM walks will be on:
Saturday 9th September – Casa Forestal La Mahoma
Saturday 16th September – Rio Chicamo

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