The VIII Theatre Festival of the IES Antonio Hellín Costa will be held in the school’s courtyard between June 14 and 27 with the participation of 12 theatrical groups from 12 centres including Aguilas, Lorca, Los Garres, Cieza, Yecla, Mazarrón and Puerto,  5 of them entering the competition phase

It is a classic event in the municipality with the performing arts organized by the teachers Isabel Ballesta and M. Carmen Marín in collaboration with the City of Mazarrón and the center’s AMPA, as well as a team of volunteers from the Marabunta Teatro group, students and members of the faculty

Nearly 300 actors will stage works for almost two weeks that range from the most hilarious comedy to tragedy

The works for Pre-school and Primary Education will begin at 8pm and two will be performed each night. The works of Secondary schools, for their part, will begin at 9.30pm

After eleven nights of performances, June 27 sees the closing ceremony in which, in addition to a raffle a variety of gifts to reward the public who have attended the performances on a regular basis, the jury will award a first prize of 500€ to the winner of the contest as well as a second prize of 200€ and a third prize of 100€