Last Saturday, July 20, the photographic exhibition ‘Urmemeta-Almazarrock’ was inaugurated at the ‘Playa de Mazarrón campsite,  attended by the Mayor of Mazarrón, Gaspar Miras. The councillors of the Government team, Plácida Gómez and Francisco José García also attended the show.

The rock concert association Almazarock has been in charge of bringing to Mazarrón this exhibition of photographs of rock in the contest organized by Urmemetal, where the best photographs of the contestants were selected. This exhibition has already been exhibited in Valencia and Madrid and can now be visited in the aforementioned campsite until Saturday, July 27.

In the exhibition you can not only enjoy the photos of the aforementioned contest, but you can also see a selection of snapshots of Marisol Huertas, who is one of the best photographers in the field of rock concerts in our country.