The ONLY charity registered to use the name HAH, is the one founded by Lesley and Paul Eburne in September 2010 as “HAH Help at Home”.

Following their success, Norah Bond contacted them and asked if it would be possible to set up a similar operation in the Costa Blanca/Torrevieja areas. Several meetings followed, with members of the HAH committee going to advise them on the aims and running of the charity, using the same principles and format of HAH Mar Menor, but registering under their own name Help at Home Costa Blanca.

Within several months of operating, it became apparent that Help at Home Costa Blanca had their own agenda and were going away from the original aims of HAH. We were concerned about the impact of these actions and a meeting was called with Help at Home Costa Blanca. It was decided then to severe any further contact. We asked that they make clear on all Press releases etc., that they were a totally separate charity and did not use our name HAH in any way. HAH Mar Menor advised the press, British Consulate etc. at that time, but Help at Home Costa Blanca continue to use the acronym HAH which they have been asked not to do, to prevent confusion.

In a press report this week, it states that Marivi Cuelia Nerva has the support of HAH Mar Menor. The founder of HAH, Lesley Eburne said “We do not support MCN, or Norah Bond, or have any association with Help at Home Costa Blanca. We are saddened that the actions of some members of Help at Home Costa Blanca brings us and the hard work of all charities into disrepute and sincerely hope that they can resolve their differences quietly and with respect to everyone. HAH Mar Menor is run professionally and with total honesty, has a hard working team of volunteers and is open to any scrutiny. We sincerely hope that Help at Home Costa Blanca can find the right and professional way to resolve their differences. Meanwhile, we will continue to support our local community with the FREE help and advice that we have already given to so many.”