Regular readers to the TV newsletter will know that we foster dogs until their forever home can be found. Last month we told you about the arrival of Shanti – a beautiful Ibizan Hound – who has really settled in well at the Rainbow household, but has just found a new home in America and will fly on 12th October – passport in order, visa coming and small bag packed!

Friends of Mazarrón Animals can always use your help, from fostering to items to sell on our monthly market on first Saturday of each month in Isla Plana, or just a donation; even just €1 will go towards helping animals in need.

Otherwise all is well at the Rainbow house with our own dogs Tasi and Hector so patient with the foster dogs coming and going.


Writing this in mid-September we have seen the temperatures significantly dropping and the satellite signal strengths slowly rising as they do each year, so those of you with smaller dishes who lost channels at the start of summer may see some returning soon.  However this summer saw the lowest signal strengths that Rainbow has seen over the years and we wonder if they will get back to last winter’s strengths – time will tell.

If you have a smaller dish (1.35/1.45) there is no magical answer to obtaining 24/7 all channel reception – signals are just too weak, especially in the far south of the region.  Clients have ‘pleaded’ with us to improve TV reception, but the only answer is a bigger (1.80) dish or Internet TV.  We have concerns about installing a bigger dish, as with the concrete pad needed to mount it on, the cost will be in the region of €850 and Rainbow Satellites feels that will have a limited life – channels are slowly being transferred to frequencies just unobtainable in southern Spain and we feel UK TV by satellite will finish in the not too distant future.

That leaves us with Internet TV which is the way forward. There are ‘grey’ areas about the legality, but then there are ‘grey’ areas about reception by satellite – should we watch the BBC when we do not pay a licence and contribute to its costs? I am not going to get into the argument – but just saying it is a ‘grey’ legal area.

Internet TV is a relatively new way to watch TV and only became possible as internet services both improved and speeds became faster. It works really well, but is totally dependent on the internet quality to the house.  Even now some providers will not support Internet TV.

Having sorted your internet, you have to decide on a service provider.

There are a variety of ways to view TV from subscription-free Android type boxes, to full complete IPTV packs. Like most things in life, there is not one scheme to fit all and before you make a decision and spend your money, you should talk to an expert on the subject. Rainbow are happy to talk through all options and recommend the best for you – we do not charge for this service.  We often hear of people having bad experiences with Internet TV saying “It’s not for me.”  We believe those thoughts only happen because the person has tried a system that is not suitable for them – have a chat and try again!

Easy to use and well maintained Internet TV systems will carry a subscription, but this is necessary to keep the system updated and in good working order.  It really is no different from the UK licence fee which is just a subscription to the BBC.  Even stations such as ITV exist by advertising which at the end of the day, you, the consumer, pay for. Very little in life is ‘FREE’!

If you are buying a property in this region of Spain, get us to look and chat about TV options before you finally sign.  Finding out UK TV is just not possible at a location after you have purchased is too late. Spain is not all sun and fun – winters are long and evenings dark – you will need some heating and a bit of telly!

Article sponsored by Rainbow Satellites, the official registered company for all your TV/radio needs in the Murcia region of southern Spain.


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