For all our regular readers, Reina our foster dog pictured last month has a permanent home locally. She is a little ‘madam’, but I think will fit nicely in her new home. Thank you to the adopters.

We then took on Carla a really lovely wire haired Spanish Podenco – a really delightful dog who was afraid of her own shadow, but in two weeks has come to trust us and we her. She now eats a full dinner (from looking at us and seeming to say “is this mine?”) and walking off lead, investigating all around but never far from us. It looks like she may have a home in the UK – everything crossed.

Our two resident dogs Hector and Tasi are well and when a foster leaves us they always come to the car on our return home and we are sure are thinking “Well what have you bought home now?” They are more tolerant than us of the transient fosters we have. We start our day with a 5km walk for the dogs (and us!), then a coffee and off to work to sort all your TV systems out!


Moving to Spain is a big step for anyone and it seems more and more of you are making the move. I think most of us come for the weather, but the culture, cost of living and way of life are also factors. We are foreigners in a new country and things are definitely different, but one of the things we can have is our UK TV.

I came to live in Spain 20 years ago (well it will be on November 1st) and on massive satellite dishes from SKY analogue we could get Sky News and Channel Five. What was the name of that Channel Five soap we all used to watch and talk about amongst the relatively small expat community? Then came urbanisations like Camposol and SKY digital TV. It really looked like no more UK TV in Spain, but with some determination and my engineering background and a six month battle, one Sunday afternoon I received all UK TV channels. Wow big step! I really think I was one of the first, if not the first, to receive SKY digital in Spain.

The story of how it happened is fascinating – not my skills, but if anyone sees me out with a beer one night ask me and I will tell all!

Anyway having EVERY UK channel, my neighbours wanted it, their neighbours and friends wanted it and so Rainbow Satellites was born and is still here 20 years later!

So much has happened to TV satellite signals in those years, but now we are facing the strong possibility of no satellite UK TV within a few years. Signals are constantly getting weaker and many channels are moving to frequencies unobtainable in southern Spain. Already west of Almeria no satellite TV is available and Internet TV was born which is the future of viewing. This technology is in its infancy and will progress over time. There are questions over its total legality, but they are grey areas where technology has raced ahead of the law makers. Anyone watching SKY channels outside of the UK (on satellite or internet) is technically breaking the law – SKY do NOT allow it.

Freesat is a very grey area as the signals are freely available to anyone. There are arguments over the BBC and its UK licence arrangement, together with any stations ‘bought in’ content will have an agreement to show it in the UK only. I expect the law will catch up one day and things will be clearer.

Anyone who has read the TV news over the years may remember me talking about an EU proposed law called ‘TV and Radio without frontiers’. This law was designed to make all EU television from any EU country available to any EU citizen in any EU country. Problems would have been solved, but the bill was stopped by the mighty entertainment moguls before it became law. Even if it had, Brexit would have stopped that, but let’s not start that argument!

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