All is well in the Rainbow Satellites’ household. We have just spent a weekend cutting back ‘wild’ plant growth and have a huge trailer piled high with cut backs. A bit of water in the ground and we are in a rain forest! However, soon the water will have all gone, the sun will be fierce and all the plants go into a summer hibernation to get through to autumn.

We have two foster dogs at the moment; Carla a delightful podenco has a home in the UK. She has been a treasure to foster and there may be a few tears when we leave her at the Animal Hotel for two nights to obtain ‘Traces’ before her long journey to England.

We still have Reina whose adoption fell through due to unavoidable circumstances. She is an older insecure girl and we are trying to find a home here in Spain rather than put her through the extended transport. She had an offer from the USA, but we thought the journey would be just too much.

There are always more in the wings waiting for a foster home – could you help?


Satellite signals are into their weaker summer mode and many with smaller dishes are having reception problems, especially those of you with official FREESAT boxes. These use a dedicated frequency to control them and this signal has gone to almost non-existent in Spain. Recording boxes are particularly affected. The solution is wait until winter when the signals are expected to return to the higher levels (!), a bigger dish or internet TV. If you are having problems call us to have a look.

Not much more TV news, so I thought I would give everyone a run down on VOSE films (in original language – most often English, but not always!) at the local cinemas. Anyone who knows me will know I love a cinema visit – it is the place to see a film – big screen, excellent sound and audience interaction:
ACEC Cines Almenara at Lorca show at least one VO film on a Thursday usually at about 6pm and 8pm
Centrofama Murcia City show a VO film on a Monday and Thursday usually about 6pm, 8pm and 10.30pm—murcia-/lang/es
Cine Nueva Condomina Murcia City outskirts show several VO films on a Tuesday evening – unfortunately often about 10pm!
Cine IMF Torrevieja show a VO film every evening at 6pm
Cine Los Velaz in Los Alcazares show several VO films on a Tuesday and a Saturday at various times

There are other odd showings at different times in other cinemas. Check La Verdad for daily information. Without support these showings will stop as uneconomical – support them!

Back to TV in Spain.

If you want to watch your own nationality TV whilst living in southern Spain it can be quite easy, but it can be quite difficult!
German people probably have the easiest TV set up; a small satellite dish on a very strong signal with any universal satellite box will get all the major German TV channels.
Scandinavians probably have the most difficult job; almost impossible satellite signals in the south of Spain with internet TV being the only real option.
Belgians have the most complex system with their TV coming from two satellites whose signals are of equal strength in Belgium, but down here are hugely different – successful viewing needs two satellite dishes; a big one for the 23.5 weak signal and a small one for the 19 signal combining them in a diseq convertor. In Belgium this can all be done on one dish.
Then we have UK TV – available on satellite, but signals are weak and massive dishes required.

The future is Internet TV, but that’s a subject for next month.

If you are buying a home in Southern Spain and TV is important (it is not all sun and swimming in Spain!), get us to look at the TV possibilities before you finally sign. We have seen properties purchased and UK TV just not available.

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More TV news in August!