TV News is back! Sorry about the break in January, but time just seemed to run away!

The foster dog Ella is now in her forever home in the UK.  She travelled in December to a house with two other dogs and a family. 

At Casa Rainbow we now have a galga girl called Charity who arrived in the boot of a hunters Audi – no longer required! She has come on leaps and bounds and wants nothing more than her dinner, her toy bone, a walk and a little loving. She has found her forever home in Ohio (yes USA!) and travels in February – that starts with a long drive to Madrid airport and then the flight across the pond. Thanks to all our helpers here in Spain and the USA that make all these homings possible.

We have two dogs – Hector and Tassi (as in devil) and after a foster goes we are sure they look in the car each time we come home ready to say “What have you brought home now?!”

Do you think you could foster? Get in touch – it’s rewarding, not a long-term committal and it’s very sad when they go!


Not so much going on in the TV world – I think all the new equipment and shows come on line in the run up to Christmas and like so many things, January and February are quite flat. Writing this at the end of what has been a very lazy Sunday, I have had the TV on most of the day – apart from new ‘Vera’ tonight the whole day has been old repeats.

For those of you who watch TV via a satellite dish, our monitoring of signals has shown them, at the moment, to be the strongest they have been for some years.  Winter is always a time when signal levels increase over the summer levels, but this year seems to be above previous levels. Lots of you on the smaller 1.35m dishes should be viewing fine at the moment, but expect some loss of signal as the summer months approach. If you have satellite and your viewing is not A1, then give us call, as viewing really should be at the best it has been for some time.

If you are not on a satellite dish you will be viewing by Internet – a relatively new technology that seems to advance each week. There are two main factors that will affect your viewing; the quality of your Internet supply and that of your TV service supplier. All technologies will have some problems at times, but as one of the longest and biggest Internet TV suppliers, we know that 9 out of 10 TV viewing issues are Internet related. The speed of the Internet supply is important, but is not the only factor that will affect viewing. Most Internet supply companies have been around some time and supplied good Internet for sending emails and booking tickets, but viewing TV is a whole new ball game for them. We have clients on every ISP that exists locally and we know that some can service TV supply much better than others. Having said that, the companies realised that Internet TV viewing is here to stay and have improved the service and continue to do so.

The quality and professionalism of your TV supply is critical. Systems need constant monitoring, adjusting and upgrading. Rainbow monitor most available systems and look for the best service available to offer our customers.  This will never be the cheapest option, as proper maintenance and management does cost money. Our main supplier recently had a week of minor disruptions, but as explained to our customers, this was due to a major overhaul and upgrading to keep up with the technological advances that happen so fast.

If you have not seen Internet TV but have been thinking about it, or your present supplier is not performing well, get us to give you a free no-obligation demonstration and we will supply a free loan box for a few days to see if it is what you want. 

During February we have an offer for new installations – get one month free.  Pay for eleven months and get twelve months subscription – please quote “offerfeb19” when ordering.

This article is sponsored by Rainbow Satellites the company for all your TV needs in the Murcia area of Spain.

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More news in March!