Writing this article in mid-January we are in a really cold week with the possibility of snow at the end of the week! Log fire on full and suspect electric bill going to be higher than normal!! Brrrrr this is not why I came to Spain – strongly worded letter of complaint to the Spanish Prime Minister called for!

Having said that the garden is showing signs of spring – grass needs a cut and as ever the weeds grow strong. All in the Rainbow Satellites household are doing well – no foster dog at the moment, but I expect Lisa is lining one up for us!


Not a lot to report in the world of developments, so I thought we could have a look at the types of Internet TV available. There are two main ways to get TV via the Internet and each of these has many subsections.

They are the Android type system and the pure IPTV system. Whilst not strictly true, we can lump in with Android such things as the Now Box and the Amazon Fire Stick – all these start from a base of ‘free’ viewing of certain TV, but they also all have ‘add ons’ that will often incur ongoing charges. Generally there are ways to watch UK TV in them all, but it does take a bit of searching and ‘computer’ knowledge as often the source of broadcast will change almost daily and much of the possible content will block when they see you have a Spanish IP address. There are ways to get round this – rent a VPN which will give you an effective UK IP address, but whilst there are some that work, we have not had much success with them – slowing Internet speed down, being very busy and not working at peak times and of course costing, in general, a monthly fee.

Android and their type are fine and cheap if you are prepared to accept their limitations and frustrations. Several clients have said they almost drove them to a straight-jacket!!!!

Pure IPTV boxes, as supplied by us, are the real way to watch UK TV over the Internet – no dish required. They are not restricted by an IP address and are as easy to use as any satellite, FREESAT or SKY box – select a channel and watch it along with TV listings, catch-up TV and often an independent Film/Box Set library. You do not have to be computer literate to operate them and they will be backed up by the supplier. Any problems just call us! Not possible with the Android type – just how do we get hold of that market trader?!!!.
Yes they carry a subscription, but it need not be that big. Ours start at €0.69c per day for a full TV viewing pack. Remember there is no TV licence fee in Spain, so why not consider your nominal subscription as a ‘licence payment’ – pretty much the same as you would pay in UK to watch TV.

The problem with any Internet TV is that you MUST have a good Internet supply. The speed of the Internet is critical (4mbs for SD viewing and 8mbs for HD), but is not the only critical criteria by far – ping , consistency and the ability of the Internet supply company to support Internet TV – a technical development in its infancy and everyone in the business is continually striving to keep up with the technology. TV supply companies such as Rainbow Satellites obviously can have their problems (any technical supply company will have occasional issues), but in general 90+% of viewing issues are related to the Internet supply.

The success of a TV system will depend on all the involved parties working together to provide a good TV viewing platform and that is where you will need an experienced established supply company – the man selling boxes on the market stall or from a small advert in the newspaper may look cheap, but who will support the system and you when it goes wrong?

UK TV viewing in Spain, be it by satellite or Internet, is not just a plug and watch situation, but requires knowledge and ongoing support. Choose your supplier carefully.

New to Spain? Get us to come and have a chat about the options and give you a demonstration before you buy – no charge.

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