All is well in the Rainbow household. The resident pets; dogs, fish and terrapins, along with a feral cat, are all well. Our old lad Hector seems to have good days and not so good. Our 5km daily morning walk is getting a bit much for him (and me!!!), but the younger girl – Tasi (Tasmanian Devil!), enjoys it every day. Perhaps we need to find a 2km route, drop Hector at home and head out again with Tasi. At the moment we do not have a foster dog, but suspect one will come our way soon. A previous foster, Reina, is coming to stay for Christmas while her adopter mum goes to Canada to see her family.

Could you foster? It is FMA’s (Friends of Mazarrón Animals) biggest need.   We can almost certainly find any animal a forever home given a few months to advertise/search, but it’s the time between taking the animal onto our books, for a hundred reasons, to finding the permanent home that is the problem. If you could foster, even for just a week, it would give the animal some social life and save FMA kennel fees, even though we use kennels that thankfully give us huge discounts, which we greatly appreciate.  Parting with a foster animal is a huge emotional wrench, especially if you have had them for a few months or longer, but knowing they are going to a good permanent home where they are wanted, makes it acceptable and with the knowledge you can then give another a chance really does make it all worthwhile. Contact us for more fostering information.


You have found your dream Spanish home, paid the deposit, gone to the notary (a strange procedure for us Brits) and now it is yours. Then you find Spain is not all sunshine and sangria, dark at 5pm in winter, decidedly cool and thoughts turn to what will you do in the evening? Ahhhh! UK TV would help! Then the experts say TV is not possible at your dream home location. TV really is the fourth essential service these days (water, electric, sewerage and then TV! Maybe gas is the fifth?) UK TV is not a right in any other country (including the EU) except UK and although available in other countries it is often not easily or successfully attainable.  For the past 20 years Rainbow Satellites have been working in Spain telling new buyers that before you finally sign for a property, check that UK TV will be available. So many times we have been asked after purchase only for us to say ‘no it is not available’! 

There may not be a location for the HUGE satellite dish required or the available internet supply may not be good enough – I will probably get in trouble here, but Spain is not a first world country like the UK or say Germany regarding some technological aspects – it is certainly not 3rd world, but it is second and a half world!  Before you finally sign to buy, check with a reputable established TV company that UK TV will be available.

On a light but serious note, Spain is full of businesses that have built a 1m high garden wall in the UK and are now advertising themselves as ‘Master Builders’! Beware and use your common sense and neighbour’s advice – often the absolute best information available.  The internet can often be the place to find the absolutely worst information/advice available!

Rainbow Satellites are dedicated to bringing you the best TV and entertainment that is available, but at times the external factors override our advice.

Is your Satellite dish big enough to receive the TV channels you want? SKY NEWS can be received on a dustbin lid held up to the sky – BBC 1 you cannot!

Is your internet up to receiving IPTV? It may be for Netflix, but not for decent live TV. 

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More TV NEWS in January! Yes January 2020! Where does the time go? 

Have a really good festive season and may 2020 bring you all you desire.