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For those regular readers of TV News, the latest Foster dog, Ella, has gained much confidence in the Rainbow Satellites household.  When she arrived she was frightened of her own shadow, but now will have a ‘reluctant’ cuddle. She travels to the UK to her forever home. Some patient work needed, but will be a wonderful pet.

Going on holiday and having family here for Christmas, we are going to have a foster rest, but I am sure there will be one staying with us in the New Year. Friends of Mazarrón Animals welcomes the offer of fostering a dog. We foster a dog and we can generally find it a permanent forever home. Could you foster?  Kennels cost the charity substantial funds and is not the best option for the dog. Contact us if you could foster.

Our own dogs, cats, fish and terrapins continue to enjoy their Spanish lifestyle.


The Rainbow Satellite staff (Trevor and Alan!!!) will be on holiday until 16th December. We have a technical engineer available locally to assist with any TV issues BUT we may not have telephone availability every day.  We will have internet; email, WhatsApp and messenger, so Facebook contact could get a faster response than a telephone call by leaving a message. Internet contact will be dealt with at a minimum of twice a day, but a phone call message may take a day or three!

The latest way to watch TV – IPTV?

Rainbow Satellites offer a comprehensive entertainment package. We offer all our clients a visit to their house to demonstrate the system and then a 7 day trial to see if it is the system you want – there is no charge or obligation for you to take it.  We see some new companies in the business offering 12 hour or up to 2 day trials.  That is not long enough to try such a comprehensive system or to see if your internet is adequate to view IPTV. You do need to test it over a period of days/evenings/weekends to be sure your internet is adequate.

Rainbow Satellites have been installing UK TV in the Murcia region of Spain for some 20 years – we know the business!

Watching UK TV in Spain using a satellite system

You will need a 1.80 m dish (HUGE) for successful 24/7 viewing and it will cost you some €1,000 for a complete installation. Rainbow Satellites feel this system has a limited life in Southern Spain – perhaps 5 years. Channels are already migrating to frequencies that are unavailable in Spain (eg ITV HD and all the Quest Channels) and eventually all channels will go this way.

If you are buying a property in Spain get a professional TV company to assess the availability of UK TV at the property before you finally sign. “We are not coming to Spain for the TV.  It’s not important.” Spend a winter here and you may change your mind! The Scrabble board is not always the answer!

Rainbow Satellites is the company for all your TV needs in the Murcia area.

For free friendly advice on any TV issue:

Email rainbowsats@gmail.com

Tel (0034) 686 358 475


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More news in January (2019! Where does time go? Was it 19 years since that enormous event 2000?)