The travelling outdoor exhibition, which has toured more than 45 Spanish cities since it started in Oviedo in early 2010, includes seven large three-dimensional pieces that interpret various motifs such as’ the yew, in an alloy of steel and copper’, which alludes to the Castro culture,’ el asturcón ‘and’ el barco ‘, which symbolize the love that Mexico has for its native land,’ the Iberian horse ‘and’ the bull ‘, representatives of Iberian art,’ la solar woman ‘, shows fertility. In all cases, “these sculptures, due to their symbolic character and extruded shapes, allow other artists, collectives or even children to interpret art from the point of view they consider,” according to the artist.

It is an exhibition that brings together all the qualities to take culture where it deserves to be, full of tradition and avant-garde, the vision and expressive and personal language of Mexico allows one to see art from another perspective. Well, it contributes to the familiarization of citizens with the world of contemporary sculpture.

The Deputy Mayor for Culture, Ginés Campillo, thanked the artist for “the generosity of bringing these sculptures to Mazarrón and making us participate in this exhibition, because as I always say, sculpture is a great step towards culture and we intend, with this type of initiative, to increase the cultural level of the municipality as we are demonstrating ”.

For his part, Mayor Gaspar Miras explained that “Juan Méjica is one of the artists who not only exhibits his work, but lives it. For this reason, we are proud to be able to enjoy this sculpture exhibition and we are grateful that this small municipality can enjoy this nationwide work that has visited 45 locations already, ”inviting“ both visitors and our neighbours to enjoy this exhibition in an idyllic setting at La Ermita beach.

Likewise, Juan Méjica demonstrated his appreciacion for the closeness he has received from the municipality and its citizens, because “I am always open and ready to take culture throughout Spain and that they receive it in this way is a pride,” the artist concluded.

The exhibition can be seen on the “Agustín Herrerín” promenade of Playa de la Ermita until October 6.