The beach of El Rihuete will once again be the starting point for the Fuente Álamo Triathlon, which is now celebrating its XXIX edition

Patricio Sánchez, Councillor for Sports of the City of Mazarrón, attended the presentation of the XXIX Triathlon of Fuente Álamo in Murcia, popularly known as the triathlon of triathletes and which has the collaboration, in its organization, of the Municipality of Mazarrón.

For this event they will gather again on Saturday, May 12 at 4.45pm on the beach of El Rihuete, close to a thousand triathletes, among whom national and international top names will stand out, such as Venezuelan Joselyn Brea, María Varo , Emilio Aguayo, Roberto Sánchez, the Murcian Arturo Galián and the Israeli Amitai Yonah. Also present will be the champions of last year Jesús Gomar and Sara Pérez, who will try to revalidate their titles.

The presentation of this important sporting event was made by the Mayor of Fuente Álamo, Antonio Jesús García and the Councillor for Sports, Marisa Cifo, together with Patricio Sánchez, Ginés Bermúdez, Sports Director of the competition and Cele Buendía, Manager of Melones El Abuelo , sponsor of the event.

This Saturday, it will start at 4.45pm with the first of the five exits, at the Rihuete Beach in Mazarrón. After a 750-metre swim in open water, participants will begin the 25-kilometre cycling test with a large gap that will include the well-known Cuesta de los Ruices before arriving at Fuente Álamo. To finish, the triathletes face the last of the sections, the race on foot, through the local Murican streets.

Bermudez highlighted the high participation of women, with 75 women in elite and 160 in the rest of the categories.