Until February 28, the exhibition of “The Secret Garden” by artist Manolo Pardo can be enjoyed at the Town Hall. An exhibition that reinterprets the famous work of El Bosco ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ and that was inaugurated by the Councillor for Culture, Ginés Campillo, and Manolo Pardo himself who were accompanied by the curator of the exhibition, Juan García Sandoval, the local artist Blas Miras and Antonio Soto, friend of the author.

The exhibition can be visited from Monday to Saturday from 10am-2pm and Thursday and Friday afternoons from 5pm-8pm. Manolo Pardo explained to those present that “for a long time I passed this painting of El Bosco but I looked at it without seeing it. Until one day I passed by and something made me stop, and I went back to the painting to ask what it represented, but I didn’t understand it. ”

From that moment, this reinterpretation was born that leaves no one indifferent. “I posed a challenge and told myself I will understand what is in the picture and I started painting it until the work of El Bosco went away and what I wanted to express appeared.” Pardo thanked the city council for its commitment to Culture and the Mayor of Culture and the Town Hall team for their “warm welcome I had when I presented this project.”

The Councillor for Culture explained that “the exhibition captivated me from the beginning and we liked the theme very much, based on‘ The Garden of Delights ’of El Bosco.”