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It’s that time of year again; getting cooler, duvet on the bed – and a good heating system. Having spent years in winter huddling over a gas bottle heater – no longer! Next week (if the plumber is reliable) we are having oil-fired central heating installed.

When our new house in Calasparra was built a few months ago, I noticed green pipes in the concrete floors from the garage and radiator connections appearing in the walls. As they say, now all is revealed – the builder knew what he was doing. In theory (!) all we need is an oil storage tank in the garage with a boiler and radiators connecting in every room. We’ll be snug as bugs in rugs – tiles only, but there you go, you get the picture.

In winter we long for summer warmth. In summer we dream of cooler weather. I guess it’s called Life, that the grass is always greener on the other side.

Last week I conducted a Celebration of my dear friend’s life at La Manga. We wrote a comedy for theatre together a few years ago and produced it at San Fulgencio Theatre. Now he is gone, but this week I had the pleasure of conducting a Wedding Blessing for a lovely couple at Camposol, after their Civil Wedding at Gibraltar.

Life goes on, faster and faster. Summer and winter repeated over and over again, except that the older we get the sooner they seem to appear. I played The Byrds ‘Turn! Turn! Turn’ the other day; a golden oldie from 1965; I remember it well! ‘To everything there is a season, Turn, Turn, Turn’. A time to Live. A time to Die and lots of other states in between, but those are the parameters.

It’s the Living that counts; how we do it and what mark we leave upon this Earth. Before it is too late – ‘Regrets, I’ve had a few but there again, too few to mention’ (My Way).

Twaddle! I have many regrets and some can’t be undone or relived. I’ve just gotta Rock On I guess, trying to do my best every day that I wake up, ‘cos one day … let’s not go there!

If you need a chat, do get in touch. If you want to come to one of my respectfully humorous Anglican Church services on a Sunday at 11am in Calasparra, you are welcome. If you need a vicar, here I am and I do travel!

‘Bye for now and God bless

Rev Andrew


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