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Grumble, grumble, grumble!

I hear so many Brits grumbling about things here in sunny Spain. I try to restrict my moaning to important matters, like my bank who I have been trying to contact all afternoon about a simple national transfer.

I am delighted to tell you that our oil-fired central heating is now installed and working perfectly; via remote control even, although the plumber nearly caused me to blow a gasket when he kept disappearing for days on end with no Whatsapp messages of explanation!

I keep telling myself ‘Stay calm, all will be well’. It doesn’t help though; patience not being one of my few virtues. I can’t pay the plumber until the bank transfer gets sorted out; deep breath, no mi culpa, or is it?

Having just done a Remembrance Service, I feel guilty about all my small grumbles compared to the men and women who gave their today for my tomorrow.

By the time you read this (if you bother!) it will soon be Christmas. Wish you a good one. The babe who came into the world wasn’t British, or white and He certainly didn’t arrive in that stable in Bethlehem on 25th December. Light of the World came down into darkness. Boy, it hasn’t got any brighter since. Maybe the trouble is that we hear about everything more or less instantly, good or bad.

I do rejoice in the good stuff though; all the good people helping others. There is a lot of love in the world, thank God. He brought His plan of Salvation into the world to be sacrificed for our weakness, selfishness and stupidity. Joy to the World – well my world would be pretty dark without Jesus Christ in the centre of it.

I am here in Calasparra, contactable at ahrea2@yahoo.co.uk or on 634 386 179. Please do contact me for details of services and where my chapel is situated, or just for a chat.  You never know, you might cheer me up!

PS – Bank transfer to plumber just gone through (6th attempt) and house is lovely and warm. Bank rang back, but I’d already sorted the transfer. See, there is a God!!

Christmas blessings to you.  Make it a good one.

‘Bye for now

Rev Andrew