The painter Cristóbal Pérez, known as Toval, will carry out in Casas Consistoriales a painting workshop under the title ‘The Reflections of Water’. It will run from Friday 22 to Sunday March 24 and will consist of 16 hours divided into 4 sessions of 4 hours. The registration period will begin on March 11.

The students will work on the theme of the seascapes, using oil. Specifically, they will also work with the colour palette, the concept of modelling and modulation, the chromatic structure.


Friday 22 March from 4pm-8pm
Saturday 23 March from 10am-2pm and 4-8pm
Sunday 24 March from 10am-2pm

Opening registration period: Monday 11 March
Method of registration: by phone to the Department of Culture: 659 081 209

Schedule to register:
Mornings, from Monday to Saturday, 10am-2pm
Afternoons, from Wednesday to Friday, 5-8pm

Contents of work:

They are going to work on the marine theme, using oil. Some of the specific contents that will work will be the following: the chromatic palette; the concept of modelling and modulation (volume construction); the chromatic structure: tones (or colours) by contrasts of clear, intermediate and dark values; the concepts of value, colour, hue, temperature and saturation, among others.

Materials. Students will have to bring the materials they will use during the activity, which are the following:

Oils (recommended): dark ultramarine blue, light blue or cyan, royal blue, yellowish green, yellow ocher, medium cadmium yellow, toasted shadow earth or transparent brown oxide, scarlet red or quinacridone red, cadmium red, pink, white titanium, black ivory.
Formats: 2 canvasses or tables of 33×45 cm. approximately.
Brushes: Synthetic bristle brush (very wide flat brush) number 50 approx. (minimum 5cm), flat brushes, round brushes or cat tongue (several), a round brush number 1, stainless steel spatulas (bodybuilder) several measures.
2 jars of glass or plastic, for (medium) and (cleaning).
Cotton cloth or roll of continuous paper.
Side table