Mazarrón will enjoy a “scary” night on Saturday October 26 with the celebration of the non-competitive theatrical race of ‘The Invaders’. An activity organized jointly by the departments of Celebrations, Youth and Sports to offer a new leisure initiative aimed at all audiences, but especially young people.

Those responsible for each area, Miguel Ángel Peña, Silvia García and Francisco García respectively; They have been responsible for presenting the event in which the streets of Mazarrón will be taken by beings who arrive with the intention of dominating the Earth through their music and panic. They are The Invaders.

Miguel Ángel Peña explained that “it is an activity that comes to Mazarrón for the first time, consisting of a popular and fun march on the occasion of Halloween and that comes from the hand of the creators of the popular colour race Holi Life. The race will begin at 8 pm in the former esplanade of the Local Police next to the La Aceña Sports Pavilion ”.

Silvia García explained that “this leisure, sports and recreational activity will begin with a theatrical performance that will give way to a non-competitive street march with 4 passages of terror. Also, on the way back there will be a party with dj and music. ” The Mayor encouraged “both young people and the whole family to take part, as it is an event designed for everyone, and to dress up in disguise for the occasion as there will be 3 prizes for the most terrifying costumes. ”

Finally, Francisco José García has announced that “the registration is 5 euros, except for children under 5 who can participate for free, and payment can be done through the website or by buying a ticket at either ‘La Aceña’, Calzados Luna and Papeleria Folder in Mazarrón and the Office of Tourism and Calzados Luna in the Port ”.

The participants will start the race as members of the Resistance against the Invaders. During the course of the test you must choose between the different variants offered in the Scary Points, passages of thematic terror located at every kilometre. Depending on the election, it will depend on the participant being infected by the Invaders or leaving their curses unscathed and remaining part of the Resistance.

In the test there are two ways to face the playful sports experience of ‘The Invaders’ but with the same purpose, to spend a chillingly fun time.

A theatrical recreation and music will put the participants in the exit zone, where a talk will give the necessary instructions to face the challenge. The tour has terrifying decorations that will set the Scary Points area. The event is organized by A38 Servicios Plenos.